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Since 24-Jan-2022

Tech Ops Core Unit provides technical support services to MakerDAO stakeholders and liaison with external service providers while ensuring the effectiveness, reliability and security of the MakerDAO infrastructure layer.

What we do

TECH-001 is a team of passionate professionals with quality-first attitude, extensive experience in the Maker Ecosystem and a heavy interest in the always developing Web3 space.
The infrastructure we deliver is reinforced by:
  • Reliability - Secure and reliable operations, resulting in high service availability, robust monitoring, and regular safe deployments
  • Support - 24/7 detection and incident response with high level of redundancy between critical components and team members
  • Transparency - Accessibility and transparency to other CUs and the broader MakerDAO community. Stakeholders will be kept informed regularly about the state of the infrastructure, its cost structure and the tradeoffs involved
TECH-001 closely collaborates with the stakeholders of the Maker Ecosystem facilitating:
  • Education - TECH-001 properly educates stakeholders about operational security best practices and regularly reviews them for improvements
  • Point of contact - TECH-001 facilitates incident response and acts as a first line of support for external security researchers and Maker Ecosystem participants
  • Integration - New participants in the Maker Ecosystem and third-party integrators can access and reuse infrastructure scripts and recipes from the service catalogue created and maintained by TECH-001

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Since 27-03-2023


Since 24-01-2022
Since 24-01-2022


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