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The Maker Endgame

Endgame is a holistic initiative fortifying MakerDAO's ecosystem through governance and tokenomics enhancements; from Aligned Artifacts, like Atlas and Scopes, for governance alignment, to new tokenomics updates, like adjusted MKR burn and minting, to boost sustainability.

Latest Updates

MakerDAO’s Endgame is transforming to enhance growth, resilience, and accessibility, aiming to expand the Dai supply significantly. It introduces sustainable yield farming through SubDAO tokens, creating a dynamic and adaptable ecosystem. The plan includes launching new tokens, enhancing user experience with a new website and app, and initiating a Lockstake Engine for governance engagement.

Phase 1

Launch Season

In Progress

Introduction of new tokens (NewStable and NewGovToken) and a new brand focusing on user-friendly access and sustainable yield farming through the SubDAO ecosystem. This phase aims for rapid deployment of core features to drive Dai usage growth.

  • New Beginnings:Unveiling a vibrant new brand and the revolutionary NewStable and NewFovToken.
  • Access Simplified:Launch of a user-centric website and app, making navigation through our ecosystem seamless.
  • Lock in Value:Introduction of the Lockstake Engine, fostering long-term participation and governance.
Important Links
  • MakerDAO Endgame: Launch Season
  • Governance changes to prepare for Launch Season
  • Decentralization of Launch Project
Phase 2

Scaling Up

To Do

After the successful launch of key components, this phase focuses on vertical and horizontal expansion, including more SubDAOs catering to diverse interests and bridging to major L2s and L1s enhancing the ecosystem’s reach and capabilities.

  • Diverse Ecosystem:Expansion with more SubDAOs, each addressing unique market need and interests.
  • Enhance Connectivity:Implementation of bridges to popular L2s and L1s, widening our reach.
  • Governance Evolution:SubDAOs gain autonomy, supported by innovative UI adn AI tools.
Phase 3


To Do

The transition to a standalone L1 blockchain, hosting core tokenomics and govenance, marks a pivotal point for scalability and integration of real-world assets, DeFi, and corss-blockchain operations.

  • Introducing NewChain:Laung of a dedicated L1 blockchain to inhance the Maker ecosystem.
  • Ethereum and Beyond:NewChain's coexistence with Ethereum, supporting continuity and expansion.
  • Foundation for the Future:Strategic development of New Chain to ensure scalability and innovation.
Phase 4

Final Endgame

To Do

This phase signifies the completion of foundational governance mechanisms, leading to an immutable, dynamic, and ever-growing ecosystem, embodying the ultimate vision of MakerDAO’s Endgame.

  • Completion of Governance Mechanisms:Finalization and immutability of foundational governance structures.
  • Achievement of Ultimate Vision:Realization of dynamic, ever-expanding ecosystem with a stable financial foundation.
  • Permanent Infrastructure:Establishment of a reliable, unchangeable infrastructure for future growth.

Key Changes

On 17-Feb-2023 Maker Governance approved the Endgame proposal. This kicks off the biggest restructuring of MakerDAO since the dissolution of the Maker Foundation in June 2021.

Below are some key changes that will take place as a result of the transition.

Recognized Delegates
  • Aligned voter committees (AVC)
  • Aligned Delegates (AD)

Improved voter participation

Due to voter apathy within MakerDAO governance and DAOs more broadly, the DAO will transition from a model of recognized delegates to two groups consisting of aligned voter committees, and aligned delegates. MKR holders who are interested in Maker governance can now participate in voter committees of their liking to discuss policy with the relevant delegates.

Read More
  • View AVCs & Delegates on the voting portal
  • Overview of recognized delegates legacy budgets
Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs)
  • The Maker Atlas
  • Five Scope Artifacts

Refocusing on core business activities

Before Endgame, Maker Improvement Proposals allowed any change to Maker Governance without much restriction or direction. The Endgame plan introduces the Maker Atlas which defines much better what the core business of the Maker Protocol is all about. It also introduces five Scope Artifacts which defines how Maker should operate within different operational areas.

Core Units
  • Ecosystem Actors
  • SubDAOs

Spinning out non-core business activities

A strategic shift to Ecosystem Actors and SubDAOs, replacing traditional core units. These actors, guided by Scope Alignment Artifacts, handle essential tasks across various domains. SubDAOs, as semi-independent entities, are linked to Maker Governance, streamlining operations and fostering innovation, decentralization, and growth in the MakerDAO ecosystem.

  • Core Unit
  • SPF budgeting
Project Based Budgeting

Renewed focus on delivering results

A shift from existing Core Unit and Special Purpose Fund budgeting methods to a Project-based approach. This change improves clarity and accountability by consolidating related deliverables under projects, thus establishing distinct ownership and a more focused orientation towards achieving measurable results.

DAI + NewStableToken

Extending the DAI brand

Strategic initiatives that leverage DAI's core strengths, such as stability and decentralization, to expand its presence and relevance in the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.

MKR + NewGovToken

A better voter incentive model

The improved voter incentive model utilizes MKR and NewGovToken to encourage active participation and informed decision-making within MakerDAO's governance ecosystem, enhancing decentralized governance.

Endgame Budget Structure

Optimizing MakerDAO's financial strategy through structured budgets, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in achieving Endgame objectives.

Avg Budget Cap Utilization: 11.3%
Endgame Budget
Legacy Budget
20.6M (100.0%)
0.00 (0.0%)
Legacy Expenses (Back to Finances)

Composition of Budget

Budget Transition Status

Visualizing key shifts in resource allocation and expense trends in MakerDAO's Endgame transition.

Legacy - Budget Cap
Endgame - Budget Cap

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