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Strategic Finance

Since 24-Oct-2022

Providing financial reporting and analysis to assist the DAO in evaluating the financial health of the protocol to enable strategic decision making and allocate capital more effectively.

What we do

The Strategic Finance Core Unit aims to provide the most accurate and clear financial reporting across the entire crypto industry, leveraging the transparency and immutability of the public blockchain to ultimately provide financial data that exceeds the requirements of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Additionally, we seek to provide the DAO and MakerDAO stakeholders with relevant financial information to help assess the health of the protocol. We will accomplish this by:
  • Providing clear, easily digestible financial information to the DAO that enables stakeholders to make informed decisions for the protocol
  • Building financial dashboards and tools that provide real-time financial data directly from the blockchain so stakeholders can understand the health of the protocol
  • Partnering with SES to implement standardized and automated expense reporting vs budgets
  • Collaborating with Growth and Risk Core Units to provide financial analysis of prospective deals
  • Working with the Protocol Engineering and Oracle Core Units to model growth opportunities and risks
  • Asset-liability management and innovation through investing protocol assets to generate yield (real-world assets, DeFi, etc.)
  • Facilitating recurring strategic reviews to set a strategic action plan and
  • Accounting, solvency, liquidity, and potential regulatory reporting

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Since 27-03-2023


Since 24-10-2022
Since 27-06-2022
Since 24-01-2022
Since 24-01-2022
Since 24-01-2022


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