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Protocol Engineering

Since 27-Apr-2021

The Protocol Engineering Core Unit secures a wealth of engineering, security, research and smart contract development experience ensuring that the Maker protocol can safely continue to grow as a DeFi leader.

What we do

The Protocol Engineering Team’s responsibility is to extend the functionality of the Maker protocol, assist with the maintenance and operation of existing smart contracts and ensure the safety and correctness of protocol design and implementation.
  • Extending the functionality of the protocol via the design and implementation of new smart contracts and other censorship-resistant mechanisms. This will include additional smart contract modules as well as expansion to L2 solutions or other L1 blockchains in the future.
  • Assisting in the maintenance and operation of existing smart contracts as needed, for example by writing code to implement executive proposals, fixing bugs, or simply providing expert consultation on matters like the risks associated with various parameters or how different parts of the system interact.
  • Ensuring the safety and correctness of the protocol at the design and implementation levels, from bytecode to game theory. This includes being a last line of defense for any and all code added to the protocol, and being responsible for setting standards, designing processes, and selecting, providing training for, and making available tools to achieve safety and correctness. It further encompasses the application of formal methods to provide best-in-class assurance to users of the protocol.

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Since 25-04-2022


Since 27-04-2021


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