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Since 27-Apr-2021

The Growth Core Unit aims to grow the available distribution channels for the Maker protocol by intelligently deploying the human and financial capital given by the DAO, increasing the supply and demand of Dai in the global markets.

What we do

The key channels we wish to expand are the (1) ability of borrowers to generate Dai, (2) the ability of users to buy and sell Dai, and (3) the ability of users to perform a useful activity with Dai.
To do so, each member of the Growth CU will be in charge of a segment, vertical, or geography to:
  • Understand the Maker protocol market fit.
  • Give support and education to drive Dai adoption and integrations.
  • Generate expansion and adoption of Dai.
  • Develop an integration strategy and give continuous advice to the newest distribution channels.
  • Create a success plan to track integration outcomes.
  • Review the status of the oldest integrations to help them to grow in the usage of Dai.
What is our execution strategy?
We follow a demand-driven fast execution strategy, spreading resources across a large variety of partner verticals based (initially) on intuition and hypothesis about Maker’s protocol market fit, see what works, and then continually double down where we’ve gained traction.
Once we have found a new market (it could be a region, a vertical, or product), we follow this process to open it and establish Maker on it:
  • we acquire a foundational bridgehead integration which serves as an icebreaker because it facilitates the expansion beyond our current integration types
  • we use this bridgehead to gain further foundational integrations which help us to make Dai available in that market
  • we use these foundational integrations to develop higher-level partnerships, those are partners who add utility to Dai rather than availability

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Since 27-04-2021


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