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Collateral Engineering Services

Since 19-Jun-2023

The Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit aims to operationalize collateral management within the Maker Protocol allowing anyone to onboard collateral while ensuring the stability and security of the ecosystem.

What we do

Operationalizing collateral management means focusing on the people, process, and technology to enable anyone to propose and onboard collateral.
The first part is people. Our audience is anyone capable of working with the processes and technology we define for onboarding collateral. Those processes will include, for example, the types or classes of collateral we support or the autonomy someone might have given the collateral type that is being proposed. We really want to open this up to as wide of an audience as possible.
Since this is all about enablement, there is a constant cycle of adaptation. The first iterations will have constraints and necessary manual intervention. We will rapidly move towards automation keeping stability and security as top priorities. The goal is to employ a system where we Learn, Optimize, and Enable others to help Maker greatly scale the Dai supply.
Once we understand the People and Process part, it is then possible to address the technology we will need to provide the enablement and necessary guardrails for people to work within. Some of the technology exists today while other pieces will need to be developed. Even if we automate 50% of the functions to onboard collateral, it is a big step forward from the manual processes we use today.

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Since 19-06-2023



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