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Immunefi Security

Since 21-Nov-2021

The overall goal of the Immunefi Security CU is to secure the Maker ecosystem through multiple angles by leveraging its existing and growing security community and expertise.

What we do

The CU will aim to complement and collaborate with existing and future CUs instead of competing with them, leveraging existing processes, infrastructure, and information, among others, in order to deliver greater value to the Maker ecosystem.
As a pioneer in the DeFi space with billions in funds in the protocol, the Maker ecosystem is an attractive target for blackhat hackers who look to steal funds or disrupt the protocol. With millions lost regularly in the cryptocurrency space, it is likely that the Maker protocol, its key people, and its key infrastructure, are targeted on a regular basis.
A Maker ecosystem with the right security measures, including regular self-evaluation for constant improvement, in order to allow the ecosystem builders and users to focus on innovation and adoption.
This is achieved through:
  • Security Operations
    • Identification of Critical Infrastructure - A comprehensive list of critical people and infrastructure for the Maker ecosystem and metrics that need to be tracked in order to identify the areas needing focus and have proper monitoring implemented.
    • Bug Bounty Program - An industry-leading bug bounty program to adequately incentivize whitehat hackers to look for vulnerabilities in the Maker codebase as well as blackhat hackers to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities instead of exploiting them.
    • Incident Response Facilitation - A refined set of “War Room” procedures and resources to minimize damages to the Maker ecosystem in the event of a successful attack.
  • Community Support
    • Core Unit Operational Audits - The creation, implementation, and regular evaluation of secure operational procedures for key Core Units to minimize attack opportunities.
    • Education and Advisory - Create security resources available to all Core Units and the wider Maker community, as well as provide on-call security advisory services to foster a culture where security is taken more seriously

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Since 22-11-2021


Since 22-11-2021
Since 21-11-2021


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