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Since 24-Oct-2022

The Events Core Unit handles planning, organization, and execution of MakerDAO branded events.

What we do

The Events team approach is to execute 5 MakerDAO events per year. Three of these events will be considered “major” events. A major event is targeted at high attendance conferences. The major events will focus on new branded themes utilizing visual animations, LED lighting installations, projection mapping, LED logos, and internationally recognized artists. Apart from the organization and promotion of the event, there will be a high focus on seamless integration of visuals, lighting, and music to create a high-level event experience.
Also included in our strategy are two “minor” events. The target of these events is to host at a time in between major events. The focus will still be outward branding, music, and visual elements but will be a scaled-down version of the major events. The team would reuse visual themes and LED elements from the major events. The musical element would utilize a local artist to keep the cost and scale of the event down.
Branding visuals is a large focus of our strategy at these events. Some examples of these elements the team plans to implement at the events are as follows:
  • BPM sync branded visual animations for use with LED video panels or traditional projection
  • LED branded logos
  • Synchronized LED wristbands to the visual and music elements
  • 3D LED pixel mapping, create the effect of a 3D hologram type effect which will include branding elements
  • Addressable LED lighting installations
  • Projection mapping of branded elements
  • Complete synchronization and integration of LED Logos, house lighting, and installations with visual and music elements

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Since 24-10-2022



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