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Data Insights

Since 25-Apr-2022

Data Insights Core Unit is responsible for providing free and permissionless datasets based on detailed Maker Protocol history.

What we do

The main role of the Data Insights Core Unit is providing and authoring free protocol data for the consumption of Core Units.
As a general rule - data provided by the Data Insights Core Unit is intended for analytical (not operational) purposes, which means that data is not available in real-time and a small lag (~10 min) behind the tip of the chain is normal and acceptable
Preprocessed and quality controlled blockchain data is sourced from external providers:
  • one-time purchase and transfer of historical data
  • constant access to new data guaranteed by the contract
  • fallback options in the event of service interruptions
  • Integrated data is stored in Snowflake datasets on dedicated AWS infrastructure
  • Access to data is possible through the Snowflake Marketplace and public API endpoints with usage rate limitations
  • Availability and quality of data is automatically monitored
Data frontends
Data Insights Core Unit provides and maintains some public and open source frontends:
  • based solely on datasets described previously
  • all code is open source and available through public GitHub repos
  • deployment is based on dedicated infrastructure provided by the Core Unit
  • constant maintenance / monitoring is provided by the Core Unit
Community empowerment
Data Insights Core Unit plays an important role in a collaboration with the community:
  • Providing comprehensive data related documentation and training materials:
    • data models and descriptions for available datasets
    • data pipelines, incl. integration, enrichment, quality assurance algorithms
    • usage examples - SQL queries, Python notebooks, interactive presentations
  • Constant communication with the community:
    • social media channels
    • active forum membership
    • active sourcing of new requirements
    • public backlog and agile ceremonies
  • Grants for community analysts / scientists, hackathons, events:
    • promoting creative usage of provided data
    • engaging community members

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